Retraced launches blockchain tool for supply chain transparency

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31-July-2019  |  3 mins read

Retraced launches blockchain tool
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Transparency within apparel supply chain is the order of the day!

Retraced, a German technology startup, has launched a blockchain tool that enables end-customers to learn about sustainable aspect of fashion industry.

The German firm has collaborated with Cano Clothing Company to offer a solution allowing them transparency for the production of its handcrafted leather shoes made in Mexico.

And how does it do! The company collects Cano’s supply chain information and makes its available for customers and brands.

Cano, with the implementation of this new solution, has got a way to keep track of the sustainable and fair manufacturing standards and deliver the same relevant information to the customer.

Also, the solution has made it possible for the brand to trace each of their products from sourcing stage to the retail and use the information to enhance the supply chain.

Moreover, the tool will allow the Cano customer to scan their shoes using the customer app and get access to each detail involved in the manufacturing of the product – including the details of sustainable and fair practices involved.

The technology is powered by Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology platform and aims to create a transparency within the supply chain to keep a track of the fair and sustainable practices that are being followed in the manufacturing process.

Pleased over the association with Cano, Lukas Pünder, Co-founder, Retraced said, “We are really excited! Working with a fair fashion brand like Cano is key for us and is a ‘win-win’ for all parties involved, and for transparency. It allows us to further test and improve the solution’s real-world flexibility, while also helping Cano customers learn more about the ethical and sustainable production standards. Thanks to Oracle and the blockchain, we can now offer the fashion consumer a powerful verification method that they can trust.”

The collaborations demonstrate another use case of blockchain technology in the industry that could bring a positive social change. The decentralised model of data collection records each information and process that are involved in the manufacturing of the product right from the start to the retail shelf. This allows the brand to manage their supply chain and the customers can have detailed insights about the product manufacturing ensuring them of no unsustainable and unfair practices involved in its manufacturing.

With Cano being the first client for the company, Retraced already has plans to scale their solution’s impact, starting first with the German sustainable fashion market and then expanding to the rest of the fast-growing industry.

The company has already secured a number of commitments from notable brands that will go live with Retraced in September 2019.

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