PTC and Browzwear launch an integrated solution of PLM and 3D tools

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11-September-2019  |  2 mins read

PLM and 3D tools
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PTC, a software firm, and Browzwear have come together to launch an integrated solution of PLM and 3D tools.

This development aims to help apparel manufacturers with improved efficiency and increased creativity of design team, as well as extend the value of 3D throughout the supply chain.

The latest version of PTC’s FlexPLM now enables bidirectional integration with Browzwear’s 3D design environment VStitcher and its high-speed-focused creative platform, Lotta – thus benefitting the users with reduced product development time and reduced material cost.

It will assist the designers to retrieve information regarding materials, colours and other product details from FlexPLM all from within Lotta and VStitcher.

Also, the designer will be able to upload their designs as high-resolution 2D and 3D images that could be visualised by anyone in the team without having the need to access Browzwear’s 3D solution.

“Retail is facing unprecedented disruptions with the ever-present need to shorten time-to-market and adjust to shifting consumer demands. 3D has become a critical tool for brands and retailers who need to prototype, sample and produce on-trend products faster than ever before,” explains Quach Hai, PTC’s Vice President of retail product management.

But designing and sampling is only part of the picture, Hai explains, noting the combination of FlexPLM and 3D has the potential to become the engine behind a completely digital product creation workflow.

“Deep integration between 3D and PLM is an important step for the fashion and retail industry to achieving what we see as true product life management workflow for digital product creation, starting with virtual design,” said Lena Lim, COO, Browzwear.

“We are thrilled to have been able to partner with PTC to deliver a native integration that allows detailed 3D renders to not only allow for reduction of physical samples, but also serve as critical assets to be used in an all-digital, automated workflow taking inspiration to the future of selling, with true-to-life accuracy underpinning it all.”

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