Meepl unveils mobile-enabled virtual dressing room

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28-November-2019  |  2 mins read

virtual dressing room
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Meepl, Swiss retail technology solution provider, unveiled smartphone-enabled 3D Virtual Dressing Room (VDR) solution for specific use on e-commerce site.

The development aims to transform the online shopping journey of the shopper with a more customer-centric approach – thus solving the issues of fit and sizing of the garment and thereby preventing any unnecessary order returns.

The customers through the use of the technology will be able to try garments virtually on their virtual avatar and find their ideal size for each item.

The virtual avatar can be created with just two photographs taken through the smartphone app. Using the picture, the app calculates a comprehensive list of body measurements,which is as accurate as measured by a professional tailor.

On these avatars customers can try garments and find their right fit. Moreover, the solution encapsulated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables simulation of 3D garment models in real time on 3D body avatars for a realistic representation of gender, fit, size and shape.

Ferdinand Metzler, CEO,Meepl said: “Retail businesses are increasingly focused on developing and improving the online shopping experience for customers. Technology has developed exponentially over the last few years and the realms of what is now possible are exciting for both retailers and shoppers.”

Product fit is one of the major concerns when it comes to online shopping!Almost 21 per cent of the consumers avoid garment shopping online due to the fit issues. This further contributes to unsustainable shopping practices as they order multiple sizes and then return multiple items.

The Virtual Dressing room solution will therefore revolutionise the way customers have been shopping online, helping them through the journey to experience the look, style and fit of the garment assisting them with better purchase decision.

This will further help encounter the need of unnecessary returns due to the sizing issue.

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