Isay implements MySizeID for improved customer satisfaction and reduced return rates

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11-November-2019  |  2 mins read

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Isay, a Danish brand, has chosen MySizeID – a unique measurement technology by My Size to improve customer loyalty and reduce return rates.

The brand marks its presence in around 500 retail stores and different online platforms in Northern Europe.

With the implementation of this technology, Isay wants to counter one of the biggest challenges of online shopping – choosing the right fit garment.

How’s it benefiting the customers?

Those using the MYSizeID app will be able to measure their correct size when shopping at Isay online. The customers, however, will have to create their profile, a procedure that will not take more than 5 minutes and is done only once.

The company evaluated the technology on 50 women, with the testing being done on tops & bottoms. These women were measured manually using the MySizeID application and the findings showed that the technology delivered a higher sizing accuracy, according to My Size.

Britt Andreassen, CEO and Founder, Isay said “The response from all the women we tested the application on, was overwhelmingly positive when asked about their experience using the MySizeID application, when compared to the precise body measurement.”

Britt added “We all work intensively to help our customers get as much information as possible about our products, in order to reduce the number of returns and increase customer confidence. The vision of enabling a higher confidence level when shopping for clothes online in parallel decreasing returns for businesses and reducing environmental waste, are very appealing to us as a brand.”

Speaking about the benefits, Britt said “Another great benefit using the MySizeID is that the body profile follows the customer. Any of our customers can now easily save time when shopping by showing the app in the bricks-and-mortar stores. This benefits the consumers, our partners and us as a manufacturer of clothes.”

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