Hugo Boss turns to 3D software to develop 40 percent of its collection

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07-December-2018  |  2 mins read

Hugo Boss
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German fashion luxury house Hugo Boss has always been ahead when it comes to experimenting with a new technology. In the era where brands are striving to meet the pace the fashion trends are moving at, the company has already shifted to 3D software that helps them develops 40 percent of its collection.

Implementing the technology has helped the brand to beat the challenges of fast fashion by cutting down its sample making time and making faster deliveries of a product to the market.

“In view of the current scenario where consumers are quickly changing trends and are into fast fashion, quick production times are critical in keeping up with the customers demand. For this there is an immense need of eliminating the step of creating sample making in the design process, as this not only cuts down on cost but also helps in cutting down the time a product needs to get to the market. The manual sample making process takes two to four weeks, the same process takes only a week with a digital alternative.” – Brigit Wiech, Senior Head, Product Excellence Woman, Hugo Boss

Supporting the above explanation Wiech further quoted that “Simply switching to 3D does not live up to the times any more. We are in a massive upheaval where we have to bank on speed. And our goal is to digitise this whole process right down to the store.”

The retailer started experimenting with the digital technology back in 2013 by digitally simulating simple garments such as jerseys, shirts and Knitwear on a computer screen. The advantage of using the technology let the designers test the looks of different prints, colours and fabric without having to make complete physical sample. With just few clicks it was possible to change the entire look of the design in a fraction of the time.

After more than 1,00 3D simulations, Hugo Boss has now shifted to 3D tech for 40 percent of its collection.

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