Gerber releases AccuMark 3D version 12.1

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12-June-2019  |  2 mins read

AccuMark 3D version 12.1
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A big leap in technology is what Gerber is always known for and they have done it again!

The technology pioneer has announced the launch of AccuMark 3D version 12.1 with some innovative features that intend to empower the users to virtually visualise a design concept and tension mapping of 2D in 3D space. The latest features will enhance collaboration and enable quicker iterations on styles.

The system also ensures better accuracy in the final product as the pattern makers can see the product patterns in the same window as the 3D simulation, which also increases the overall efficiency. The coupling of 3D visualisation with 2D patterns ensures that the garment can be produced technically correct without any additional operation, saving brands time and allowing them to deliver on their promise of high-quality garments in a more sustainable way.

Elucidating further, Mary McFadden, Vice President, CAD Product Management, Gerber Technology, said “We are leading the way, innovating rapidly, and launching key features like our newest AccuMark 3D that leverages our best in class Avametric simulation technology. With these innovations, our customers are finding AccuMark 3D can be trusted as a reliable fit tool as simulations expose pattern and fit errors that need to be fixed.”

Moreover, the 3D simulations can also be exported as a shareable file that allows team members without AccuMark to view it in 3D. The file can be viewed within applications like Gerber’s YuniquePLM® where product teams can add comments and annotations. Recent updates also enable AccuMark to be launched from within YuniquePLM, improving collaboration and enabling quicker iterations on styles.

Further substantiating, Marta Bosch, Chief Operation Officer, Happypunt, said “We implemented Gerber’s software solutions to help decrease cycle times and reduce our sample costs. Our team has been pleased with the pace Gerber is responding with updates and new features to help us realise greater overall efficiency in our product development process.”

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