Fashion Institute of Technology launches made-to-order women apparel brand

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29-March-2019  |  2 mins read

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OnPoint Manufacturing (OPM) and the Fashion Institute of Technology’s FIT/Infor DTech Lab have collaboratively launched Unique.Fashion, an online brand that specializes in personalized, made-to-order women’s apparel.

This partnership will lay foundation for FIT to launch its own branded line of apparel and accessories. These brands and series of labels will be designed, marketed and retailed by FIT students, through Unique.Fashion and will be manufactured using OnPoint’s innovative mass personalization on-demand manufacturing solutions and services.

Unique.Fashion powered by OnPoint’s computer directed manufacturing (CDM System), allows customers to create a personalized garment based on their preferences for style and colour. Moreover, in contract to the traditional sizing model, Unique.Fashion, in partnership with OnPoint and the PAAT network, lets the customers create a personalized size that equates to custom-tailored garment by simply inputting few variables.

“For years the industry has suffered and continues to be constrained by an outdated and non-consumer centric design, product development, and delivery model, especially when it comes to meeting the need for personalization in apparel. Unique.Fashion and OPM are working with others to soon provide brands, designers and design students with the necessary, affordable tools to get closer to the consumer. It is time for the apparel industry to reap the profitability, sustainability, and speed to market that other industries enjoy by embracing the on-demand model.” – Kirby Best, Chairman, OnPoint Manufacturing and PAAT

Customers visiting Unique.Fashion have to go through a process that takes seconds of asking fewer information of data points regarding specific body measurements. The advance backend technologies, input these data point into the Human Solution size engine and translate into OnPoint Manufacturing’s state of the art, on demand mass personalization apparel facility where the garment is produced and delivered to the end consumers in a matter of days.

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