Eastman joins hands with ExactFlat to improve cutting room efficiency

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08-August-2018  |  3 mins read


Eastman Machine Company, a leading US-based provider of cutting machine technologies, has announced to collaborate with ExactFlat, a pioneer in 3D to 2D digital patterning software, to increase the efficiency of preparing and cutting patterns with digitally printed graphics.

It’s worth mentioning here that flat patterns can be created with perfectly aligned graphics using ExactFlat digital patterning software. 2D patterns then can be exported upon creation and cut on automated cutting systems of Eastman which is equipped with visionPRO.

According to Eastman, high-resolution camera system is combined with state-of-the-art software algorithms in visionPRO in order to scan pattern contours. “The result is accurate cut paths around printed shapes, registration marks, or repeat patterns. Use of both technologies can save days or even weeks of production time. visionPRO is an accessory available for Eastman’s conveyor and static table cutting systems,” the company states.

The collaboration will help companies to move over from manual pattern making as well as 2D CAD system approach as they will be able to make this whole process both faster and simpler using new technology.

Mark Jewell, Founder, ExactFlat, commented, “The visionPRO system is a major advance in cutting technology. With visionPRO and ExactFlat customers can transform to a 100% digital workflow which saves time and improves flexibility. The use of both technologies also leads the way to dramatic cost savings. Collaborating with Eastman is a natural fit for us. They are an innovative, fast moving leader that puts customer benefit first. ExactFlat is delighted to work with companies that are defining and implementing the next generation of manufacturing technologies. Eastman is exactly that kind of company.”

Trevor Stevenson, Vice President, Eastman, stated, “Time pressured industries are facing challenges that cannot be solved by legacy processes. 3D design is becoming essential and digitally printed textiles are becoming more and more common. ExactFlat is the clear leader in 3D to 2D digital patterning and when implemented with our visionPRO system, customers find the time pressure will be shifted to competitors trying to catch-up. We look forward to providing a superior offering that helps both companies further our respective leadership.”

The technologies are ideal for realizing design and cutting room efficiencies in apparel and sportswear, display advertising, automotive, upholstered furniture and technical textile workflows.

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