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DataS announces winners of timeSSD® experiment held at NIFT India

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

2 weeks ago  |  3 mins   read

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National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in India and DataS, a Romania-based software company, have announced the winners of the recent experiment that took place in NIFT. Aditya Mahapatra (MFT), NIFT Delhi; Priyabrata Mondal (MFT), NIFT Delhi; and Bittu Singh (BFT), NIFT Gandhinagar ranked the top 3 students.

It’s worth noting here that an experiment on DataS’ software timeSSD® ran between June 14, 2018 and July 31, 2018 in which 54 students showed their interest, 38 students registered out of which 18 students completed the experiment. During the experiment period, the students worked on 565 operations in timeSSD® from which they saved in the system 117 methods and attached to 68 methods the corresponding video from the workplaces.

The timeSSD® support team was contacted by 17 students out of which 3 students asked only regarding the experiment rules, in fact the software related questions were from 14 students. From those 14 students, 8 students completed the experiment. 56 per cent of the students who completed the experiment didn’t have any contact with the timeSSD® team, and they completed their tasks without any question addressed to the helpdesk.

From the total of the 74 e-mails addressed to the helpdesk, only 9 (12%) of them were related to the core PMTS features of the software, addressed by 5 students (36%).  From rest of the communication, 31 per cent of the mails were related to the registration process, 29 per cent related to the unique cooperation features included in timeSSD®, 29 per cent addressed to the dedicated video upload included in the software only for this experiment and the 11 per cent were confirmations and thanks.

The success of the experiment and the data, led DataS to a conclusion that no training is required to master the software.

“We are extremely thankful both to the initiator of the experiment, Professor Prabir Jana and  all the students who showed their interest, performed the experiment and submitted their feed-backs and one of them stamped on the fact that timeSSD® is the redefined state of the art MTM-2 is no less than gem for an I.E. personnel,” quoted DataS.

Additionally, the software firm also recognized following students for their efforts: Ankit Kumar (BFT), NIFT Gandhinagar; Ashwini Anand (BFT), NIFT Delhi; Ankit Saluja; Radhe Kumar; and Karan Sharma (BFT), NIFT Jodhpur.

Laszlo Szabo, Managing Director, DataS will now distribute the certificates during his visit to NIFT Delhi on September 14, 2018.