Cegid launches new distributed order management solution; deliveries speed up

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

09-January-2020  |  1 min read

Image Courtesy: media-exp1.licdn.com

Cegid, a France-based retail technology supplier, has come out with a new distributed order management solution!

In addition to helping retailers find the best stock location to ship, the solution will not only help manage orders better but also optimise the logistic costs of the orders placed online or picked up from the store with faster deliveries of the product to the consumer.

The integrated system will help improve transparency through a single view of demand, stock and inventory and reduce delays and errors that will eventually lead to reduced carbon footprint.

The solution will be released as a part of its already existing retail software.

Speaking about the solution, Nathalie Echinard, Head of Retail, Cegid, said “Our new add-on solution allows retailers to intelligently organise and coordinate orders placed through various offline and online sales channels to better manage their inventory, never missing a sale.”

The newly added advantages of the software will allow the users to ship the orders from the nearest store and location, which will help identify the most fastest, profitable and effective scenario to fulfill an order.

The global research firm IHL Group 2019 study placed Cegid as second in the world for the number of international deployment of order management solution (300 in number) with over 1,000 retail clients and installations made in 50 different countries.

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