Bonprix implements 3D visualisation tool to boost product development

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18-October-2019  |  2 mins read

Bonprix implements 3D
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Bonprix , a German fashion brand, is deploying 3D design and prototyping solution, 3D Vidya by Assyst, to streamline it product development process making it more faster, efficient and flexible.

This digitisation will help the brand in fastening the collection development process and reducing the creation of physical samples thus saving on resources and cost associated with it.

The software capabilities involve simulations of the patterns in 3D for better visualisation.

Also, it will now allow the designers to see how a garment works, drapes and how the sizing and fitting can be optimised without the need of physical samples. The samples can be viewed in different colours and fabrics and also the other variants can be easily tried in just few clicks.

“What’s special about 3D product simulation is that you can see what you get before it is produced. This saves a lot of resources, time and cost and gives us much more flexibility in product development. We can react even faster and more efficiently to trends and increase the quality of our products, which makes our customers even more satisfied,” said Stefanie Sumfleth, head of quality management, corporate responsibility and digital product development, Bonprix.

Initially the software will be used for the development of nightwear, blouses and shirts.

Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO, Assyst, said “We’re actively supporting the Bonprix team during the introduction and gradually expanding the range to other product groups. Our goal with 3D Vidya is to significantly reduce the number of physical patterns. Thanks to 3D, many complex changes to patterns can be avoided because the garment can be checked for different requirements at an early stage. Ideally, only one single sample will be created before the production starts.”

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