3DLOOK to showcase AI-powered Body Data Platform at NRF 2020

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

08-January-2020  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: 3dprintingindustry.com

3DLOOK, a Body Data Platform, will be exhibiting latest technologies at NRF 2020, the world’s largest retail expo organised by National Retail Federation.

The company provides AI-powered solutions in fit and sizing, personalised marketing, customer insights and analytics, PLM, on demand production and intelligent supply chain.

To be held from 12 to 14 January, the event will see 3DLOOK showcase the body scanning technology that helps customers find their right fit garment and provide personalised shopping experience.

The technology uses two photographs taken from the smartphone, based on which it generates accurate measurement and 3D models of the customers.

The solution uses technologies like computer vision, machine learning and 3D matching to process and measure human body.

The computer vision analyses the photograph, from which the software acquires and processes the human body. Then the machine learning helps in identifying and determining the keypoints and produces a set of probability map for each keypoint.

Based on the above key points, the statistical modelling and 3D geometry algorithm create a 3D model of the human body, which depicts the human body measurement.

Specifically for the event, the company will display its new body data insights dashboard, an innovative tool for collecting and processing body measurement and shape data between apparel brands and its customers.

The dashboard part of a fully featured body data platform can be integrated into e-commerce websites and applications.

Vadim Rogovskiy, Co-founder and CEO at 3DLOOK said “3DLOOK is much bigger than a measurement solution, which suggests the best size to buy. We see a huge impact of data collection and insights our brand new body data platform brings to the industry and the tremendous effects that it has on the supply chain and inventory. Look forward to demonstrating our latest updates to thousands of NRF attendees.”

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