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Waltonchain introduces first ‘smart’ garment with authenticity traceability system

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

09-July-2018  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: youtube.com

Waltonchain, a global leader in block chain and IoT, has joined hands with Kaltendin, a Chinese high-end clothing brand, to launch the world’s first blockchain-based clothing. Named as WTC-Garment, it can be used to trace originality of the garment.

The prime idea behind the introduction of this garment is to use blockchain technology to develop an Authenticity Traceability System.

Being touted as a revolutionary application of Big Data and IoT in the apparel industry, the WTC-Garment runs on the RFID technology. A scan on the RFID tag on the garment will provide the information a user needs to know.

The new management system will help in producing smart clothes, warehouse management and a better shopping experience. During garment production process, it allows for automatic data filling of production orders, real time order receiving, conformation and amendments of products. Once the data is entered, it automatically generates order reports.

The data entered is then stored to the Waltonchain blockchain technology, thus enabling real time tracking of data.

Warehouse management is also made simpler with this innovative technology. It provides automatic data forms for factory package verifications, batch barcode printing, label printing, print record storage and amendment of products. RFID handsets can be used to search a garment in the warehouse.

The smart garment also provides a detailed analysis along with a statistical report to the retail stores.  It analyzes the demand of a garment by recording the information of garment pick up and trial on rate in smart fitting rooms. The anti-theft function can identify multiple garments to provide a better security to the store.

The project was named after Charlie Walton, the inventor of RFID technology and a pioneer in the space.