Tech specialist IMA Italy’s Industry 4.0 solutions to ease your cutting room woes

by Apparel Resources

22-May-2018  |  3 mins read

Industry 4.0-enabled cutting room solutions by IMA Italy, a cutting room specialist, believe that the concept helps in streamlining of processes and monitoring them in real time. “With our solutions, the manufacturers can monitor the performance of cutting room from any device, from anywhere,” said Mirella Sardini, Executive MD, IMA S.p.A. In apparel manufacturing, where the cutting rooms are the ‘heart’ of manufacturing, Industry 4.0 concept is the process that helps in easy monitoring of the cutting room.

It is also true that Industry 4.0 has long way to go to be widely accepted in the Asian industry. Though successfully implemented in European countries where mass customization is more popular characterized by high wages, Asian manufacturing hubs find it difficult to imbibe it in the ecosystem as it highly relies on cheap labour. However, the Industry 4.0 concept in IMA cutting room solutions is garnering a great appreciation from big players in apparel manufacturing, having set up their factories in different countries.

Mirella Sardini (R), Executive Managing Director, IMA S.p.A. and Guna, Managing Director, IMA Asia shared that IMA Italy has successfully completed 40 years

Monitoring is an extremely vital requirement in mass production ecosystem. “Big players are getting organized, that’s why, they see a great deal in these solutions,” said Mirella.

The major markets for IMA Italy are India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia where it has a significant share of market because of its after-sales services. IMAsia, the Indian subsidiary for IMA S.p.A., looks after the after-sales services in all Asian markets. “We are more integrated with customers in terms of technical support and after-sales service,” added Guna, Managing Director, IMAsia CAD CAM Services Pvt. Ltd.

Another key feature which makes the IMA cutting solutions stand out is the fact that these machines can be adjusted to suit all kinds of production volumes. All they need to do is change a few parts and the machine is ready to suit their business needs. The company has few installations in the niche segment as well, providing manufacturers with cutter having 3 cm cutting width. This small width is widely used by manufacturers who are engaged in customized products.

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