SophiaTX launches Blockchain Academy for business professionals

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01-February-2019  |  1 min read

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Blockchain platform SophiaTX has launched Blockchain Academy, that aims to guide business professionals with the right blockcahin know-how to transform companies globally.

The users joining the academy will have access to clear-cut blockchain use-cases that will help them have a better know-how of what and how the blockchain technology offer greater efficiency and higher reliability of information in a complex supply chain. They will also learn how to recognize new cases and operate the technology independently.

“Coming from many years of experience in large companies, we understand the business requirements. We don’t believe in Blockchain because of Blockchain, but because we know business can benefit greatly from solutions and efficiency created using this technology.” – Jaroslav Kacina, CEO, SophiaTX

SophiaTX Academy has designed a broad list of specialized blockchain courses for executives, SAP and IT Professionals, project managers and anyone else wishing to learn about blockchain. The users completing the course will be awarded a certification from SophiaTX, denoting a competence in handling blockchain technology.

The first course is scheduled to be launched in February.The company currently offers classes delivered on-site in the Bratislava and Baden offices. Alternatively, the possibility for a presentation delivered on client premises can also be discussed with SophiaTX, with online courses already in plans for the future.

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