Hyosung TNC transforms traditional manufacturing units to ‘Intelligent’ factories

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05-December-2018  |  3 mins read

Industry 4.0
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Global textile manufacturer Hyosung TNC has successfully installed smart factory system at its Spandex factories in Quzhou City, Jiaxing City, Guangdong Province and Zhuhai City in China besides Dong Nai in Vietnam.

The new installation is composed of a process monitoring system, a quality control system and smart IoT (Internet of things) among other elements.

This establishment has helped the company to manufacture products of identical quality at each of its global factory. This has been achieved through the real time monitoring of product status for enhanced quality control. In addition, Hyosung, manufacturing capabilities can be further improved through the collection and analysis of data and control management in every area of the manufacturing process from import of material to actual production and shipping.

The installation has been made in collaboration with the Hyosung ITX, a professional IT company. The smart factory project was carried out after conducting the actual inspection of each factory and then establishing a standard data collection and data management system. This was followed by data analysis and monitoring system and then an automatic production process control system.

“It is essential for manufacturers to install smart factory systems in the face of the powerful, irreversible trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Hyosung will solidify its status as the world’s No. 1 Spandex manufacturer by improving its world-class quality and developing new technologies based on the smart factory system.” – Hyun-Joon Cho, Chairman, Hyosung.

Hyosung ITX developed the optimized BOT+ solution for Hyosung TNC’s Spandex factories that made possible to promptly detect and deal with quality problem in the production process via the application of various ICT technologies including the analysis of big data with machine vision, IOT and smart sensors.

Machine vision is capable of identifying defective products or problems in the production process by analysing data obtained from a super high speed camera using AI. This improves the accuracy rate and eliminates any human errors. The inspection equipment has been made using the same technology that diagnose the production process at each stage. Also, with this the company further plans to raise its production effecting using the same technology.

This initiative was driven forward at the insistence by Hyosung Chairman Hyung-Joon Cho ,who has repeatedly called for innovation in the area of production and management since he took office last year.

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