Gerber Technology’s digital solutions supporting apparel makers meet Gen Y demands

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24-April-2018  |  4 mins read

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Millennials or Generation Y, are disrupting fashion with their high-spending power and the rapidly changing demands. In order to meet the demands of the ‘selfie’ generation, which account for more than half of the retail sales, the apparel manufacturers need to shorten their development time and speed up their time to market.

Responding to this rising volatility of the fashion industry because of frequently altering customer requirements, Gerber Technology, a leading provider of integrated solutions, used the CISMA platform to address the challenges that the apparel and fashion industry is currently facing. “Focus on innovation, efficiency improvement, supply chain collaboration, use of advanced technology and above all digitalization of operations is what the survival and profitability kit of apparel manufacturers include,” said Mohit Uberoi, CEO, Gerber Technology.

Mohit Uberoi, CEO, Gerber Technology, addressing a conference at CISMA

No doubt, the fashion industry is finding itself in the middle of a major transition period, which may change the meaning of production in future. At present, the apparel and fashion industry is in a stage where it uses IT solutions and invests in technologies that do not fully automate and connect its operations. The next stage, definitely is, digitalization of operations which means digitally connecting every operation to facilitate seamless flow of data between systems.

The retailers and companies which have been resistant to change or have failed to adapt to the changing scenario have already been pushed out of the business. Such examples have laid more emphasis on the importance of digitalization of operations. Digitalization, nowadays, has become necessary to ensure increase in throughput and efficiency while improving overall quality and minimizing human errors.

Where the digitalization of operations, on one hand, has become a reality, for others, it is still a vision. Gerber Technology is not only supporting the customers in the ‘reality’ phase but also the customers with ‘vision’ with its digital solutions. The company recently launched AccuMark 10.4 – the industry’s leading pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning software that helps in acceleration of time to market and elimination of physical samples. It will also help the users to reduce the cost by 50%, improve workflows, stream communication, boost throughput and increase efficiency. “AccuMark 3D is another solution which helps in optimization of the sampling processes, saving 50% of time and cost,” shares Karsten Newbury, Senior VP & General Manager, Software Solutions Group. Besides, AccuPlan spread and cut planning software allows for a saving of 2 to 8% in material costs and up to 50% increase in throughput.

The smart machine portion of digital solutions displayed at CISMA was Gerber Cutter Z1 with AutoMatch. AutoMatch is a stripe, plaid, and five-star automated matching solution for apparel manufacturers. It makes the matching process easier by automating critical processes which improve overall efficiency and increase throughput. “Usually, manual matching process takes place which requires high-level of skill and is also laborious and consumes lot more time,” says Leonard Marano, Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Automation Systems, Gerber Technology.

Apart from supporting its customers in digital transformation, Gerber Technology is strengthening its position in China by expanding its manufacturing operations in the country. It has recently made a major investment in redecorating the Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) in Shanghai, China. Expansion of demo centre, research and development capabilities, and training centre ensures Gerber’s extended support to its customers.

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