CLO Virtual Fashion launches AR smart mirror technology

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12-February-2019  |  2 mins read

AR Smart Mirror
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CLO Virtual Fashion, a 3D garment simulation specialist, has launched a ‘smart mirror’ that enables consumers to virtually try on garments without getting undressed.

The AR Smart Mirror integrates the company’s ‘BeneFit-by-CLO’ 3D avatar creation and virtual fitting application programming interface along with LG’s touch screen signage and automatic body scanning technology using a 3D camera.

The state-of-the-art technology automatically scans the user bodies before generating a real time customised avatar with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

As per the body data of the user’s avatar, the Smart Mirror suggests the right sizing of the garments created in 3D, thus enabling a user to check the fit of the garment by looking at the fit maps in real time.

Sean Jeon, CTO, BeneFit-by-CLO said, “We are honoured to partner with LG in introducing AR Smart Mirror to the world for the first time.

As the world’s leading company in 3D garment simulation, CLO Virtual Fashion will continue to innovate, leading the field of fashion tech.”

Moreover, consumers can seamlessly purchase the garments online directly on AR Smart Mirror platform.

“In collaboration with partner companies, we will make a new platform which will change the online and offline fashion retail paradigm with LG’s body scanning and augmented reality technologies,” said Cho Taeg-il, Head, LG’s Convergence Center.

CLO Virtual Fashion based out in Seoul, South Korea is a leading 3D garment simulation technology provider. With more than 10 years of research and development in garment simulation, their cutting edge technology not only became the tool to create virtual garments but also the platform to provide valuable data about garments, designs and trends by virtualising the garment.

Their product range includes CLO a 3D design software for apparel designers and brands, Marvelous Designer a 3D design software for character artists in gaming and animations, BeneFit-by-CLO a virtual fitting platform and CLOSET a communications and archiving platform for virtual garments.

The global company has offices across the world including New York, Munich, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bengaluru.

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