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From AM,PM clothing to affordable fashion: How Zapyle is the new buzzword for new age women

Zapyle, a fashion brand that is providing AM to PM clothing for the new age women of India, is gradually become one of the preferred brands for females when it comes to affordable fashion buying.

Apr 06 19  |  Retail

The paradigm of emerging markets: Retail evolution in the Indian hinterland

According to Census 2011, India has a huge population living in the rural areas, counting to around 68.84 per cent, and this explains the kind of impact it has on the Indian economy.

Mar 28 19  |  Retail

Women’s Day Special: 5 inspiring stories that prove ‘You Certainly Can’

Breaking the norms and fighting all odds, these women entrepreneurs of the Indian retail industry certinaky inspire and prove, it takes no gender to reach heights.

Mar 08 19  |  Retail

Highlighting the key retail trends of 2019

From experiential retail to automated commerce, 2018 was ruled by these retail trends that were among the many that were predicted by the industry insiders.

Feb 27 19  |  Retail

Clovia wins hearts as it provides ‘inner’ peace to women

Redefining innerwear segment, Clovia is today a popular destination for women to buy the essentials. Not just online, the brand is now marking its presence offline too.

Feb 23 19  |  Retail

Ladies inner wear

Retailers bank on Fashion Activism for business: Tapping on socio-political revolutions for growth

Pants and culottes, the most staple choice of any woman, encapsulate gravitating importance of signifying the class of the working woman who left the bounds of corsets to set her foot out in the post-World War world.

Feb 22 19  |  Retail

Missguided Your Own Skin Campaign 2018


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