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    September 2019

    September 2019| 52 Pages

    August is a busy month for the industry with huge technology events happening around the world. This SW issue will introduce its readers to detailed insights of the two most important events for the industry – GTE Gandhinagar and Gartex Texprocess 2019, New Delhi, held in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt for the first time. Also, for the high-end innovations of the future from AI solutions to robotics CISMA is just around the corner. Companies that want to see these technologies, which are embodiment of the concept of ‘Intelligent Manufacturing’, are eagerly looking forward to visit the event. Therefore, this issue also contains a preview of the event highlighting what to expect at CISMA.

    AI Robots are set to revolutionize the retail industry in the coming future. Today these robots are being used as customer assistance on the shopfloor for better customer engagements and experience. This issue contains an article that details how these robots are helping retailers improve the phygital experience. Furthermore this issue also covers an interesting write-up about Mad Street Den, a Chennai-based AI and computer vision start-up that allows customers to take a photo of any product that they like and instantly find a similar product online with details of where to buy.


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