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    October 2019

    October 2019| 52 Pages

    Fitting is a major challenge for the apparel industry; whether it’s offline or online, the problem is common. The various technological developments have given answers through solutions to many existing and emerging problems of the industry. Through this issue, Team SW wants to introduce the readers on how 3D body scanning is helping to combat the issue of both online and offline retailers, diving further, to how these scanners are helping the customers find their right fit garments. The article also highlights the leading suppliers and the retailers adopting these technologies. Another article with the same theme, talks about similar issues of finding the right fit garment while shopping online, and how this has become a reason for maximum returns causing huge loss to the retailer. The article on 3D and AR solving the e-commerce fit challenge will introduce the readers with some technologies providers and their solution for the same.

    Moreover, continuing our series on smart garment this issue includes an article which talks about two of the well-known brands that offer smart swimsuits to help swimmers track their activities. Readers will also sneak review of the industry events like OGTC, Garmentech Chittagong 2019 and TANTU seminar.


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