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    November 2019| 48 Pages

    Digital transformation is the need of the hour; it has become necessary to update from the traditional manufacturing practice to a more data oriented one. When the decisions are data-driven, there is transparency of work flow, a more collaborated environment that aligns goal of everybody in the organisation. With theme Industry 4.0, this issue of StitchWorld will introduce readers to articles containing details of how factory owners can successfully work towards transforming from traditional to smart factories. The magazine contains articles that discusses different IoT software offered by various sewing technology brands assisting factories improve their processes. Bringing a digital transformation also means bringing a cultural change; an article on approaching industry 4.0 through lean implementation will help readers understand how to train the workforce for the digital transformation that the factories are planning to introduce. As garment industries are labour-intensive, it’s important to prepare your human resource for the change being introduced.

    Moreover, the issue also contains an exclusive interview with Daniel Harari, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lectra to understand company’s strategies, newest technologies and sentiments of global fashion market. Also read a brief review of the recently held event CISMA 2019 witnessing technology solutions from renowned enterprises.


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