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    May 2019| 48 Pages

    ‘Smart Garment’ is now being talked about a lot in the industry, the market of which is expected to reach US $ 4 billion by 2024 with 45 per cent CAGR, according to ABI Research. From this issue, StitchWorld is introducing a new category ‘Smart Garment’ wherein we will showcase/feature the interesting developments from around the world, where technology is being used intelligently to make garments smart.

    This issue begins with a detail discussion of the award-winning and first-ever ski jacket with wearable technology ‘KJUS HYDRO_BOT’. The magazine also includes an exclusive interview with Céline Choussy, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra, who emphasises on the significance of AI, ML, IoT, MTM and Robotics.

    Moreover, this issue also contains an article based on the challenges in 3D simulation where the industry’s top stalwarts in 3D shared their views as to why the concept is not feasible for all product categories and how the users are miscalculating the areas of strength that 3D body scanning method actually holds.


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