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    March 2020

    March 2020| 44 Pages

    SW March issue will introduce its readers to the upcoming revolutionary technology – Facial Recognition. Today this technology is slowly gaining acceptance in different fields, due to advancement in technologies like neural network and deep learning. This issue will enlighten its readers on what the Facial Recognition technology is and how the apparel retailers are embracing it. Also, footfall counting is essential to understand the business and strategies accordingly. There are many different types of footfall counters being used by the retailers. However, the most advanced version is the video analytic with facial recognition and AI technology. This issue contains an article that would introduce the readers to how the advanced level of technology works and who are the leading providers for the same.

    Moreover, this issue also talks about how Bangladesh, an export destination known for basic garments is now diversifying into high-fashion garments with the help of technology. Also, Vincent Djen, Director, Cheng Kung Garments, in an exclusive conversation with Team StitchWorld talks about transforming manufacturing business, both for his company and the country. He has formalised a broader strategy for his company to use resources to alter and create comparative advantages for his business on a global scale.


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