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    July 2019| 44 Pages

    Today, there is an increase in demand for authenticity, individuality, radical transparency, better pricing, immediacy and convenience in the shopping pattern of customers. In order to cope up with this change, retailers are using AI and Predictive Analytic tools to shift their focus from traditional to customer-centric merchandising that is helping them set the three R’s right – Right Customer, Right Product and Right Price. This issue of StitchWorld talks about how these tools are helping retailers with better product assortments and having a better hold on the consumers’ preferences.

    Moreover, this issue will also introduce readers to an article from our ongoing series on Smart Garment which talks about how the Smart Functional Garment range launched by Under Armour is assisting athletes recover their energy. An article on Yarn Innovation will introduce the readers with the new intelligent threads that are replacing electric wiring and cable systems in homes, eliminating the need for plastic and metallic construction in automotive, putting an end to counting the garments before sending them to wash in medical industry and even helping the human body reduce pains using waist belts.


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