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    Built on theme Athleisure, StitchWorld December issue is dedicated to the trends and technologies that are driving the athleisure trend. Since fabric functionality is the topmost requirement for producing the same, our lead story sheds light on the subject by digging deep into the new trends in fabric and its innovations. Also, the readers will get to know about the manufacturing of these garments through an article that details the technologies and the raw material required for the same. Earlier in this segment the market was mainly dominated by renowned international players; however, the situation is not the same anymore today as there are many emerging homegrown brands like C9 Airwear that have taken over the market successfully. In a detailed discussion with Pranal Modani, Chief Business Development Officer, Sangam Group, SW details how the brand is moving forward in the lucrative Indian retail industry.

    Moreover, the readers will also get insights about how Ginesys retail ERP solution is helping in managing the entire retail value chain from manufacturing to distribution to retail. In this era of multichannel retailers, managing inventory has become one of the complex processes. This issue contains an article that highlights the technologies available for the managing balanced inventory.


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