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    In the constant struggle to be cost competitive as a manufacturer, apparel companies have adopted numerous systems and technologies in the past decades… However, the majority has not touched upon the aspect of solar energy, which although is not new, demands complete attention from apparel and textile companies in the state of Tamil Nadu, rapidly building capacities for captive solar power consumption. With the only deterrent of initial investment, that too for small & medium size players, solar energy is cheaper, greener and zero on maintenance. Coupled with the subsidies given by the Central Government and 1/3rd operating efficiency even on rainy days, the alternative source of energy is a must for all. Talking straight to the solution providers, StitchWorld in its October issue highlights the key issues pertaining to the technology and the recent investments done by apparel & textile companies. Taking the lead from the same, the October issue also features articles on skylights, a form of sunlight-driven day lighting systems and various levels of technologies available for lighting the sewing floor, which presents a comparison between the LED, Fluorescent and incandescent power sources. Another article on energy auditing, which makes the October issue a ‘lightning and energy’ special, highlights the saving in the energy expenses by companies such as Neetee Clothing and Pratibha Syntex who have registered with a minimal expense and zero loss in productivity. Also highlighted in this issue is the recently concluded knowledge sharing events – OGTC ICHAT 2014 and TANTU 2014. With the positivity back in the export market, the discussions and presentations at both the events centred around the apparel manufacturers streamlining in-house operations and the new opportunities present in the export market.


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