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    October, 2013

    October 2013| 56 Pages

    For those who missed the recently concluded CISMA show in Shanghai, the October issue of StitchWorld brings technological highlights endorsed by the industry veteran Dr. Prabir Jana, with more than two decades of experience, and who was invited by StitchWorld to review the fair. The picture gallery gives the hands-on feel of the visitation at the CISMA show. The next issue of SW will highlight many of the technological advancements in detail along with the views and interviews of international technology providers. The review of Blackberrys manufacturing facilities, one of the leading domestic retailer and manufacturer of suits, blazers and trousers, focuses on the automation adopted by the company not only in the sewing but also in in-line and final finishing departments. With the motive on attaining manufacturing excellence, the company gives highest priority to its product’s quality and has one of the most exemplary suit manufacturing setup in India. Another story on in-line suit finishing technologies complimenting the above story makes this issue a collectible for suit manufacturers and those who aspire to be one. The machines used for in-line finishing and pressing use basic flatbed bucks to different bucks for right and left parts. Three types of machines have been discussed – a specialized ironing table; specialized bucks installed on separate machines for the left and right side; and two separate bucks for right and left parts mounted on a carousel-type single machine.


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