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    November, 2013

    November 2013| 64 Pages

    Continuing with the CISMA coverage from previous issue, the November issue ofStitchWorld highlights in detail the technological innovations and advancements showcased at the CISMA fair, along with the views and interviews of not only the international technology providers, but also the industry experts who visited the show. The article on ‘Smart Work Study: New Thinking’, discusses in detail the alternative ways of doing work study, besides the traditional and cumbersome methods. Besides discussing new ways of conducting work study, the article question the approach of breakdown of each operation to 10/15 micro-elements, when one can easily get the desired results by breaking down an operation into four parts of loading, needle, handling and unloading time. Also discussed within the same, is the method of smart work study through video analysis. Complementing the review on in-line suit finishing technologies in the preceding issues, the article on ‘End-Line Pressing of Jackets’ highlight the machines and technologies available for end-line finishing of a formal jacket. The operations have been divided into three segments of front & back pressing; collar, lapel and shoulder pressing; and sleeve and armhole pressing, with machines from MACPI and Veit.


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