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    It seems that technology evolution has stopped in the garment manufacturing industry since the time it migrated from Europe and the US in the late 1970s… In the name of ‘evolution’, only a few processes have been automated and/or IT enabled since then and many of these machines in reality are so cost-prohibitive that it becomes difficult to realize one’s own investments. What is also surprising is that training methodologies have still not changed to meet the new requirements and training is still considered as cost. In this issue dedicated to skill development, we have put together many articles on new ways of training and also various departments in the sewing unit which require training for improving productivity. Other interesting reads include ‘Automation in Sewing Room’, the second of the series which analyses how the common sewing automats work to your benefit. In this edition, under discussion in the automatic shirt setter, which creases the pocket, detects location of the pocket and sews it automatically. The operation brings together both creasing and positioning, reducing frequency of loading and unloading and even transportation from one place to another. Pocket attaching on shirt front has been considered a critical operation and categorized as high quality zone or ‘A-zone’ within the garment. Bangalore-based kidswear manufacturer Pradhan Mercantile (PMPL) is also in focus as Team SW in an exclusive interview with the first-generation entrepreneur Amir Pradhan, highlights its IT interventions for better management of its manufacturing operations.


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