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    March, 2014

    March 2014| 52 Pages

    The magazine highlights the latest undercurrents prevalent in the knitting industry of Ludhiana, known as the sweater hub of India. The complete industry has now started the movement from hand flat and semi-automatic flat knitting machines to fully automatic ones from the like of Shima Seiki and Stoll. What endorse this shift more is the understanding of Return-on-Investment of such machines by manufacturing a better product. In-depth analysis of this phenomenon has been complemented with the coverage of the recently concluded KnitWorld fair in Ludhiana. ‘Jugad’ as a concept is defined as the Indian version of the Japanese phenomena referred to as ‘Kaizen’ and has been personified to its fullest in manufacturing facilities of companies likeScorpio Apparels and Pyoginam, popular for their finesse in handling flimsy fabrics like chiffon, georgette and voile. ‘Jugads’ or interventions start from the spreading itself wherein sheets of paper are placed between fabrics layers to reduce ply slippage, to making the machine surface non-slippery by covering it with paper. An interesting read, the article highlights such interventions undertaken by five companies. This issue marks the commencement of a new series on training programs for apparel industry professionals, fresh graduates and students, and in the first article of the series, institutes offering Six Sigma training programs have been highlighted. Also followed up is the YouTube article printed in the February edition ofStitchWorld, with an article on sewing back pockets on jeans through YouTube, addressing the aspects of method and time improvement through suitable automation.


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