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    February, 2014

    February 2014| 76 Pages

    Keeping up with the ingenious articles of 2013 that were recapped in the previous issue, this issue’s cover story unveils the educative side of popular website YouTube and suggests some interesting videos which the professionals on the shop floor can refer to for information. The website has a plethora of videos wherein industry experts share their vision and experiences, along with videos that can be used for selecting machines, accessing cycle time of an operation and analysing the best way to do operations. For the industry that’s always looking for new product options, the article, “Making of a Swimwear…” has some interesting insights, offered by industry experts on how to convert a T-shirt unit into a swimwear unit. In line with our efforts to suggest the best possible machinery to the industry,StitchWorld has analysed the various technologies behind Button Sewing and Buttonholing Indexer under the first part of our “Automation for Sewing Room” series, at the same time discussing the benefits of installing these technologies and how to choose the best one that is compatible with specific manufacturing needs.


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