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    September 2020

    September 2020| 44 Pages

    The Sep. 2020 issue with theme ‘Sustainability’ will enlighten the readers about the sustainable technology and practices being followed in our industry. The article on ‘Going No-Stone for Stonewash Effect’ will introduce the readers of the technology that allow the manufacturers to obtain stonewash effect without the use of any stone in it. The readers would also get to read about how digitisation will be a potential approach for the manufacturers to operate in a world post-Covid-19 and the leading technology that would assist them in their digital transformation journey.


    Moreover, the pandemic has resulted in a spurt of growth in e-commerce revenue both in emerging and established economies globally, the retailers should therefore grab the opportunity to expand and reach their customers in different parts of the world. This article on cross-border e-commerce will talk on how technology can help manage the operations. Medical PPE is the most talked about product ever since Covid-19 has come into existence; therefore, this issue contains an article that talks about the export and certification process of PPE gowns and masks.


    In the third article under ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ series, Team StitchWorld talks about three companies which indigenously developed face mask technology during Covid-19 times, and have made them commercially available.


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