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    November, 2016

    November 2016| 48 Pages

    The Indian garment manufacturing industry has never been a ‘hot bed’ for investment by foreign enterprises and there are very few success stories to emulate. Yet, Aquarelle – the casual shirts division of the Mauritius-based CIEL Textile Group (Apparel Division) – is a growing company which is proud to be Indian by team but international in its functioning. TeamStitchWorld decodes the strategy and manufacturing competency behind the success. The November 2016 edition of StitchWorld holds a simple mathematical technique that may improve line balancing efficiency and labour productivity. Team SW also brings in this issue the Young Turks at Fashion Makers Group and explores their expansion plans and strategy to sustain in the competitive market. In another interesting read, this issue carries a review of ICAHT-2016 conference organized by OGTC which explicates some pertinent questions towards the middle- and top-level management, compelling them to introspect, review and restructure the currently ongoing systems.


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