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    June, 2016

    June 2016| 48 Pages

    On a conservative 8-hour shift pattern, the first hour on the floor is equivalent to 12.5 per cent of the total time available, which is quite a huge fraction, yet it contributes very little to the total productivity. On the surface, it appears to be an HR issue and employee engagement is lauded as the appropriate solution. In this issue, in a discussion with apparel production professionals, and consultants, TeamStitchWorld explores what lies beneath the surface to present a holistic perspective of how the issue can be viewed and tackled. The June 2016 edition of StitchWorld also explores the feasibility of web-based software for planning and tracking T&A effectively in lesser time, and how its features can solve the problems faced by the merchandisers. In another interesting read, this issue carries a review of the interesting technologies that drew attention at the recently concluded Texprocess Americas at Atlanta. The review also explicates on the developments till date and the future directions for the field of ‘Robotics for Apparel Manufacturing’.


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