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    July, 2017

    July 2017| 48 Pages

    Closure of retail stores and frequently changing consumers’ demands are defining the retail industry. Ram Sareen, Founder, Tukatech in the current issue shares how tech packs are no longer able to correctly communicate the designer’s language. Digital platform is the new communication mode that is keeping pace with the evolving fashion industry. Millennials today are conscious about their fitness and want clothing that matches with their ready-to-go attitude; athleisure is the answer to all their demands. In India too, athleisure is famous. Two of Indian sportswear manufacturers, Paragon Apparels and Creative Clothex have launched their own athleisure brand in market to tap the potential market in India. In another read in current issue are the analysis of welding and bonding as an alternative of sewing by Dr. Prabir Jana and Patrick Weissgerber. TheSW July issue also marks the last and final article of Kaizen Korner series by David Permenter where he talks about the synergy created when combining best practices in the three disciplines – Printing, Manufacturing and Leadership. This issue also carries the industry viewpoints of UBT sewing machine as a part of operator training.


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