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    January 2017| 52 Pages

    Retrospect 2016 – the latest issue of StitchWorld – the Team has carefully scrutinised the gamut of SW 2016’s published material and drawn out trends that have guided the industry in the year gone by, and will continue to guide the industry in the months to come. This year, Team SW has oriented the focus on: Technology 4.0 that will talk about future technologies; Information Technology – a rundown on latest offering from the segment; Global Sourcing – acknowledging that manufacturing in one country is a culmination of sourcing from various destinations; Sustainability – the future no doubt; and HR Management – a step upward from pure labour issues. In the analysis, eight clear directions have emerged – Best Practices, People, Production Management, Technology 4.0, Production Technology, Sustainability, Human Resource Management, Global Sourcing… indicative of how the industry is moving ahead to stay competitive. Our Retrospect takes the reader through the various articles that were published over the last year and carry abridged versions of the actual stories. In 2017, StitchWorld will continue with its journey of discovery to talk about technology and management in knitted and woven product industry.


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