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    December, 2017

    December 2017| 44 Pages

    The StitchWorld December issue brings to its readers an exclusive interaction with Mohit Uberoi, CEO, Gerber Technology where he talks about the synergy of importance of Industry 4.0 concepts in south-east apparel manufacturing hubs.
    In these difficult times, when saving every cent counts, automation is supporting the industry in its goal to save on cost. The current issue also carries an exploration of the journey of automation and discusses how it has become ‘important’ and ‘affordable’, from being considered ‘unviable’ and ‘expensive’.
    Moving beyond the traditional mindset, the Indian Government has recently taken away the responsibility of the procurement of 48 items for the Indian Army from the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and given it to the private sector. Seen as a major opportunity for the sewn industry, inside is the complete picture of the expectations of the Indian Army from the local Indian manufacturers.
    Also, this edition elaborates on the challenges and the opportunities for Indian domestic manufacturers in athleisure and a snapshot of IMA s.p.a. 40 years’ of establishment.


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