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    April, 2018

    April 2018| 48 Pages

    The April issue of StitchWorld marks the beginning of a new series dedicated to retail technologies. Undergoing a dynamic change, brick and mortar retail landscape has been witnessing onset of new technologies that are enhancing the shopping experience among customers. Another revolutionary step in Indian retail is the development of Indian sizing chart by NIFT.

    Women have not been significantly seen or holding strong positions in tech industry, except few. In another interesting read, excerpts of interview with Federica Giachetti, President, Morgan Tecnica, will take our readers through her journey and what helped her grow over these years.

    Team StitchWorld, in this issue, explored Ludhiana apparel manufacturing hub which lost its identity in the past and is now on renaissance path. Carrying an exclusive coverage of two manufacturing units namely, Superfine Knitters and Miniking Knitwears, these two are a perfect example of technology, leading to huge profits.

    With an aim to enlighten our readers about automation in garment industry, Dr. Prabir Jana, NIFT, Delhi explores the possibilities of automation in various departments.


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