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    September, 2018

    September 2018| 40 Pages

    Vietnam is aiming for a whopping apparel export target of US $ 200 billion by the year 2035. Defending this target with Team Apparel Online, are few pioneers of the industry. Surprisingly many companies in Vietnam have also booked their orders for the first few months of 2019… Working on efficiency and productivity will definitely help achieve this target, they all reassure.

    Of recent ‘garment workers’ welfare’ is gaining momentum in Vietnam, with safety of the workers, food and transportation and providing minimum wage are norms in the industry today. With a lot of companies being into welfare schemes for some time now, Team AO discovered that the momentum has gained pace in recent years. They also observed that of recent garment companies in Vietnam are fast realising to go green. The country is already spending annually about US $ 3 billion on production energy.


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