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    September, 2017

    September 2017| 52 Pages

    The debate on global team versus local team has been an ongoing one in many manufacturing destinations, and Vietnam is no different. Many of the buying offices and some of the Vietnamese companies are engaging expatriates in key positions, the maximum number of expats are with companies that have origin in Korea, China, Indonesia and the likes. But the real debate is when and how should the local resources be integrated into the process… This September issue of AOV magazine highlights the same.

    Making products that epitomize excellence does make one competitive, but if the same products also mirror ethics and sustainability, then it makes you stand out among the crowd. In last 50 years, Phong Phu Corporation, one of the leading garment textile manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam, has succeeded to live its concept, providing good value to its customers. Team AOV has an exclusive discussion with Phan Kim Hang, Vice General Director, of the company.

    Sighting that the future of denim is bright in Vietnam, Prosperity Textiles, the China-based enterprise and a big name worldwide as a leading denim manufacturer, is set to spread its wings in Vietnam.

    Besides the above, the news under ‘Vietnam & Beyond’, the ‘Tech Management’, ‘World Wrap’, ‘Fashion Trends’ and ‘Export Statistics’ make the magazine an interesting read.


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