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    November, 2017

    November 2017| 52 Pages

    Of late, Vietnam is emerging as the garment superpower despite strong competition, especially in the textile and apparel sector, the country has witnessed an unprecedented growth that has further propelled the social and economic development of the nation. Also, the Government here has been promoting local players by offering garment and textile industry-related subsidies (for example, charging lower taxes on garment and textile manufacturing plants), but is equally concerned on constant increase in wages. VITAS has also sent a proposal to the Government to stop increasing wages from next year onwards. Team Apparel Online speaks to some garment manufacturers who share their view…

    The heat seal seam technology is already popular for woven, but it is comparatively new for the knitwear industry in Vietnam. In a candid talk with Team AO, heads from the Thai Son SP Sewing Factory revealed that they are relaunching the tested technology this year in the knitwear segment too. Having started as a manufacturer of leather jackets and down jackets, the company today sews garments for men, women and children using circular knitted fabrics.

    An embodiment of quality, trust and commitment is Sudima International, a trading house in Vietnam, fulfilling the fabric needs of the nation. Team AO meets Chief Representative of the company…

    Besides the above, the news under ‘Vietnam & Beyond’, the ‘Tech Management’, ‘World Wrap’, ‘Fashion Trends’ and ‘Export Statistics’ make the magazine an interesting read.


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