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    March, 2018


    “It is our mindset and approach that is receptive to change and shaping the ‘e-culture’ strategy,” unravelled Kent Teh, Director of Garment Manufacturing, Esquel Group to Team AO. Being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium cotton shirts, the company, with over 12,000 employees and producing 2.8 million pieces per month, has its presence – from China in the North to Mauritius in the South, and from the US in the West to Japan in the East…

    Productivity, Training and Technology are the three quality boosters. “We believe in constant innovation and always eye for latest technology solutions,” shared Upul Pathirana, General Director – Head of Operations, Epic Designers Vietnam Ltd., in a one-on-one with Team AO.

    “The apparel industry is on the verge of a huge digital technology revolution,” revealed Mohit Uberoi, CEO, Gerber Technology to our Editor-in-Chief in an exclusive interview.


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