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    The Vietnam industry is moving to imbibe greater automation, compelling machine manufacturers to beeline for the country hoping to get a bigger share of the growing business. Among the growing number of such machine providers are many Chinese companies like Euromac, MAQI, Ngai Shing and Hikari. In an exclusive chat,Team AOtalks to these company heads… Continuing to explore the country further, Shima Seiki, Japan has opened new office in Vietnam, focusing on their cutting room solutions. The company, which is already an established knitting machine solution provider, and a household name, has over 2,000 machines in operation in the country. In a detailed coverage, Team AO talks to Shima Seikiteam… The changing direction of the winds and seasons, summon along an abundance of hope, sensitivity and authenticity laced with a nostalgic undertone that is translating itself into culture, art, technology, science, music and films, architecture and hence, its way into design. ‘Trend Forecast: Autumn/Winter 2017-2018, presents 4 themes –Inskin, e-SCAPE, Esoteric and Co-Cult for the Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 season. Besides the above, the news under ‘Vietnam & Beyond’, the ‘Tech Management’, and ‘Export Statistics’ make the magazine an interesting read.


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