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    December, 2018

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    The relations between both Vietnam and South Korea have been on surge for a long time. Over 500 Korean business firms are today based in Vietnam, and with almost US $ 2 billion capital committed, the Korean investment has been instrumental in bolstering Vietnam’s textile and garment industry. But of late, Japan is inching closer to South Korea to become the biggest money spinner for Vietnam as some industry experts revealed to Team AO

    Vietnam Customs Statistics in one of its recently released data affirmed about the growing apparel and textile trade relations between Vietnam and India. The garment and textile trade between both the countries touched US $ 799 million during the January to August period of the current year – an astronomical increase of 35 per cent from what it was in the first 8 months of 2017.

    Vietnam’s story of unparalleled growth in garment and textile industry is known worldwide, but one of its biggest handicaps has been its unfamiliarity with the English language. English is today a critical asset in any international business for easy access to international customers, global market trends and also the latest technology pertaining to industry


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