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    December, 2017

    December 2017| 60 Pages

    Anyone working with the Vietnam industry always talks about the high level of discipline and skill set seen in the workforce. Many companies have, in fact, made employee welfare a part of their business strategy. Compliance – be it safety, basic minimum wages, non-violation of human rights and so on – has today become a norm in the garment industry and every company invests hugely to meet the compliance requirements; it is buyer-driven, and therefore, the major area of focus. To delve deeper into this new dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Apparel Online visited some of the garment factories in Vietnam to get a complete insight of the initiatives and measures adopted by the companies for employees’ welfare.

    Over the last decade, business has been growing at a rapid pace in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, two of the most significant garment hubs of Vietnam – both competitive and seeing an influx of investment for future growth. Team AO talks to various manufacturers to get to the pulse of these two cities…

    The issue also find a review of CISMA 2017, just concluded in Shanghai, China where technology and automation were presented as a ‘necessity’ more than an ‘added advantage’. Rightly themed ‘Smart Sewing Technology & Solutions’, Industry 4.0 emerged as the key topic at this technology fair…
    Besides the above, the news under ‘Vietnam & Beyond’, the ‘Tech Management’, ‘World Wrap’, ‘Fashion Trends’ and ‘Export Statistics’ make the magazine an interesting read.


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