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    September 2019| 68 Pages

    It is a pleasure to inform all our readers/advertisers/patrons that keeping pace with the changing industry dynamics, Apparel Online Vietnam, from this issue onwards, has been completely redesigned in a rack-friendly smaller size, with enhanced content material, new slug lines – Industry Verdict, Expert Speaks, Trends in Focus, Designers & Labels, Free Expression, Start-Ups, to mention some, besides the new cover page logo ‘AO’ with tag line ‘ALL ABOUT FASHION BUSINESS’.

    Vietnam has silenced and surprised its detractors by not only growing, but growing at a very admirable rate, and this when most thought that after the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement) breakdown, the country’s apparel exports would stagnate. What has really added the sudden edge for Vietnam is the impact of the ongoing US-China trade war and preferential policies from the Vietnam Government that have attracted a lot of investors into the textile industry, view some industry experts Team AOV talked to. At present there are over 7,000 enterprises in the country providing jobs to about 3 million workers, producing T-shirts, jackets, trousers, kid’s clothes, shirts, dresses and underwear.

    Of late, Vietnam has witnessed rapid urbanisation and experienced phenomenal growth rates in its retail sector. With its relatively young population demographics and healthy customer spending behaviour, the fashion and retail industry has revelled in double-digit growth figures of 22.5 per cent.


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