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    February, 2019

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    Witnessing trade buoyancy all around, Vietnam is bound to witness a phenomenal growth in the garment and textile industry in 2019 and may also prove to be a game changer for this industry, say industry experts that Team Apparel Online talked to. The apparel and textile sector recorded export of US $ 36 billion in 2018, an impressive increase of 16% compared to that in 2017, with apparels alone accounting for US $ 28.7 billion, a rise of 14.4%. The orders are likely to shift further from China, following a string of Free Trade Agreements and continuing US-China trade war.

    Fast React, the global leader for their supply chain production planning tools for apparel industry, is gaining popularity in Vietnam helping factories better manage pre-production and material supply, and make the best use of productivity to reduce lead times. Also, Nam Dinh, traditionally a garment hub in the northern region which witnessed a slump in 1990s, has resuscitated. The province today is home to nearly 480 textile companies, employs over 70,000 workers and may soon emerge as a huge apparel hub.


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