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    Ending 2019 on a positive note, and looking at the orders that have been booked for the first six months (till June 2020) Vietnam is expected to surpass its projected export target of US $ 42 billion, said industry experts speaking to Team AOV. The industry is also confident that the signing of the European-Vietnam free trade agreement will surely bring positive results by the second-half of 2020.

    Many industry experts had predicted at the start of 2019 that Vietnam will succeed in grabbing the orders, so was it. The country also benefited from the US-China trade war as many Chinese companies shifted production to the South East nations. Textile cooperation with India is also on the rise as the apparel and textile exports from India to Vietnam rose sharply by 48 per cent – from US $ 390 million in 2016-17 to US $ 578 million in 2018-19.

    Aurora Investments Global Limited (AIG), with a network of 7 joint ventures and 16-17 co-operations, has grown vertically at the rate of 15 per cent annually and today boasts of an annual turnover of US $ 120 million. The latest focus of AIG is on ‘going green’ in the entire supply chain, revealed the company Director.


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