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    September 16-30, 2018

    September 2018| 16-30| 64 Pages

    Exploring new or fresh markets is one of the best options to survive and even grow, especially for the Indian garment exporters who are already in the doldrums. There is no other better opportunity to explore as between September and November this year there will be three such events in three different regions of the world – Japan, Spain and Australia, whose economies are doing comparatively good.

    One of the most challenging tasks for the Indian apparel manufacturers is to be cost-effective and timely sourcing of yarns and fabrics. Gokaldas Exports, with almost 50 people in its fabric sourcing team has successfully overcome this problem in its own way. Working with top brands, the company today sources yarn and fabric worth Rs. 700 crore annually.

    The recently released ‘2018 Global Responsibility Report’ shows Walmart becoming more sustainable and more responsible. The company plans to achieve ‘zero waste’ in its American, Japanese, Canadian and British supply chains by 2025.


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